Six Great Motion Tutorials You Should Know

Often Final Cut Pro X users are also rather handy with the Motion software, and vice versa although the latter isn’t necessarily always true. In recent times we have shared several title credit, title sequence tutorials which could as well have been made in Motion rather than FCPX.

As a refresher to the art of Motion, here are six great Motion tutorials every Motion designer should watch and know.

1. Nebula Created Entirely in Motion

Creator Simon Ubsdell shows us in this series of three videos how to make a nebula effect in Motion, using only Motion native components. That means creating a nebula without using any external plugins.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

2. Volumetric Lightning

Simon Ubsdell shows us once more how to make perfect use of Motion in order to create great type and 3D effects, enhanced with lightning this time. Again Simon only uses native Motion components, without any third party plugins.

3. 3D Text Created in Motion

Since version 5 Motion has the ability to create 3D text natively. In this tutorial by 13thDesign we are shown how to use the feature and create gorgeous 3D text effects in Motion.

4. Walking Dead Title Sequence Effect

Making use of the native tracking point feature in Motion, Final Cut King shows us how to create an effect popularized mainly by the title credits of the Walking Dead.

5. Particle Collusion Tutorial

Just like the earlier shared Nebula Effect by Simon Ubsdell, Motion is also great software to create a particle as Simon shows us – once again making use only of native Motion components.

6. Timelapse Created in Motion

While there are several apps out there which will take care of doing the job for you, timelapses can easily be created in Motion as well. All with built-in native tools, thus saving the expense of needing to purchase another app. Enjoy this tutorial #howto create timelapse videos in Motion by Izzy Video.

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