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Official Final Cut Pro 10.3 Video Presentation

The stars over at FCPWorks went ahead and uploaded the official presentation of Apple’s new Final Cut Pro 10.3 to everybody’s favorite video sharing site. By which of course this time we mean fastest, cheapest, and most ubiquitous sharing site rather than Vimeo.

While most already have FCp 10.3 installed – if not what are you waiting for – and may have seen several Intro to 10.3 videos already, so far no official Apple presentation was released yet. But time to grab a cuppa, sit back, and forget about that deadline or that upcoming meeting with the producer has come and we gladly oblige with our task to share this video with you.

Even if only to test out how this theme works with featured videos. A question as big for you as for us. A task for us to probably optimize, especially for mobile. But we disgress.

This is the official Apple FCPX launch demonstration featuring the Japanese botanical artist, Azuma Makoto.

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