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Movie Title Credit Fonts

Sometimes we look for things in the wrong place and it is easier to hit up big site or big provider and find what we were looking for in the first place. More often than not the big G itself, our BFF and homepage or predictive slave of many, don’t help in our quest to support the little women and men.

By which we don’t necessarily mean little people – or ewoks for that matter – but indie providers.

As such whenever we find something cool we tend to share things here at downtheScreenhole, as a post or in the dtSh forums.

[media-credit name=”Franco Fernandez” link=”http://fontmovie.blogspot.com/” align=”aligncenter” width=”728″][/media-credit]

Our first cool find we share, to start our category with, is the site mainly maintained by Franco Fernandez, Cine1 Font over at Blogspot. Cine1 Font, or also Movie font, is the blog of Franco Fernandez (AKA as FZ) where he shares an ever growing collection of fonts modeled on fonts used in movie title sequences. Simple, right?

Franco offers #fonts, usually licensed as demo fonts1 of most recent blockbusters, especially if the movies have a geek touch. Among the fonts offered are favorites such as the Fantastic Beasts title credits fonts, Suicide Squad font and James Bond fonts.

If you struggle with the site because of your adblocker, just head over directly to Franco’s profile Font Space where all fonts are provided as well.


  1. Free for personal use

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