FCPX Plugin Highlight: Yanobox Mosaic

Anybody who ever needed to pixelate or tile anything in a video knows that plugins can save the day. With the vast amount of plugins available for video editing software, especially Final Cut Pro X, there is a large number of pixelator [sic] plugins too. Too many to mention, list or highlight.

Yanobox’s new Mosaic plugin, which the company offers via the FxFactory market, is an exception in this group though mainly because of the large amount of options it includes. As they say in proper English, complete with the kitchen sink, fridge, and then some.

And its extremely gorgeous output.

What better way to describe all features, bells, and whistles the Yanobox Mosaic plugin offers than to highlight their highly pixelated and tiled teaser video. Because it’s a beauty and does a great job at showing what is possible with Yanobox’s new plugin for FCPX, Motion, and Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

The dynamic tiling feature may be one of the best we have seen so far, definitely best price-quality wise.

Find out more about Yanobox Mosaic. Get it from your FxFactory install, although it does clock in at $299.

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