downtheScreenhole writes both original content, articles as well as shares1 interesting stuff found elsewhere which we consider valuable to our community. As such dtSh is both a directory of valuable resources for (budding) video editors and a niche community of opinion.

Affiliate Links

downtheScreenhole articles and pages may contain affiliate links to products we recommend. These links may result in us receiving a commission upon successful purchase of recommended product.

At no time does the commercial nature of any link influence our editorial stance.


*downtheScreenhole* generates revenue both from its affiliate and third-party merchant store as well as by means of advertising. Advertising is generated mostly contextually and independently controlled by the used advertising networks. As such *dtSh* has no influence over which products are advertised against its content and whether competing products are promoted against articles or not.

Advertising Philosophy

As any other reader, we do not like the look, appearance, or even existence of most ad, yet they do contribute to the bottom line of the platform, and its operation and possibility future expansion.

But we aren’t hypocrites and gladly admit that we ourselves often make use of adblocking tools, because the internet is a better looking place without all those pesky ads. As such we offer our community members the opportunity to browse the site without any ads in the main content sections or in-between forum posts. Becoming a member of dtSh is free, free as in beer and may in the future also unlock additional member-only content.

Data Policy and Cookies

Like most websites *downtheScreenhole* makes use of cookies, both the platform to operate *dtSh* and third-party integrations. *downtheScreenhole* is built with the open source platform WordPress and makes use of cookies to track whether users are logged in or not.

Currently following third-party integrations are operational on dtSh which may or may not make use of cookies:

  • Google Analytics
  • Helpscout (FAQ)
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  • Akismet (spam filtering)
  • Wangguard (spam filtering)

downtheScreenhole also operate a free, regular newsletter. This newsletter is sent via a third-party mail provider and stores data about open- and click-rates of mailers and links in emails.

No data gathered by dtSh is used to build personal (visitor) profiles nor will any data obtained from operating downtheScreenhole ever be sold or made available to third-party sources, beyond the data policies which may be operated by third-party integrations on dtSh. We also try to make sure the used third-party integrations on dtSh respect Do Not track browser settings.


  1. Tumbls?