Create a Tesseract Completely in Motion 5

We all remember those older .gifs with spinning cubes. Some of which would occasionally be called tesseract, and while technically I guess we can’t fault the creators we still can and do. Because when we think of a tesseract, we think more of something like this.

Blow it up in fullscreen, add some captivating score to it and then that’s indeed what we call a tesseract

Imagine you could create that in one of your favorite tools, like Apple Motion. Imagine you even knew how to create it and make it happen with only native elements.

fear no longer and get ready to soon blow away the minds of your peers as you are itching closer to being able to show off your self-created tesseract. Thanks to Simon Ubsdell, of Tokyo Productions, who once again shows us how to make magic happen.

Fire up that second screen, open Motion, and grab a brew. The following two part Youtube tutorial will show you how to create your own tesseract completely in Motion 5. Without using any third-party plugins.

Part 1

Part 2

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