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Create Fantastic Beasts Title Credits in Final Cut Pro

If you’re anything like me then title sequences are without a doubt one of your favorite things about movies, about video in general. Not one to shy away from title sequence listicles, actually knowing how to create a decent title sequence and title credits is even better.

This 2016 geeks worldwide were once again in for several treats at the silver screen and the adaptation of JK Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was highlighted in many a geek calendar. As if with a trailer as nice as the movie’s one could expect anything less.

Directed by David Yate the movie, which is set as a prequel to the Harry Potter story timeline, opened with an awe-inspiring CGI render of a phoenix in the title credits.

Title credits with generally were rather awesome. As it turns out the title credits, minus the phoenix itself, aren’t that hard to replicate in Final Cut Pro X as shown in this #howto by Dylan Higginbotham of

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dtSh to be updated whenever Dylan posts new #howtos.

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