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Quick Intro to Color Grading in Final Cut Pro X

AKA Color Grading for Dummies™

With Color Grading Central’s upcoming free Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve webinar, we thought it was time to have a quick look at what is color grading and how to use it our favorite NLE, Final Cut Pro X.

Color Grading is one of the most popular categories when it comes to plugins for video editing tools and that’s with a good reason. Because to say it bluntly, color grading in Final Cut can do to your footage what Photoshop and later Instagram did for your photos. Or for die-hard Star Wars fans, color grading is the modern Lucas Blu-Ray trilogy release compared to the Despecialized trilogy version. With color correction, or color grading, a cinematographer can manipulate colors and contrasts, completely changing the light in an image.

Watch this interview with cinematographer Daryn Okada and see how he completely changes the look of his movie “Dolphin Tale 2“.

In this tutorial roundup we share several videos of experienced editors who guide us in the magical world of color grading in FCPX.

Basic Color Grading Tutorial by Zach King

Our first shared tutorial for this Color Grading intro is by Zach King, the still ever popular Final Cut King.

Color Grading in Final Cut Pro X basic by Matthew Pearce

Matthew Pearce introduces the viewer to the art of color grading in Final Cut Pro X with this two episodes Color Grading in FCPX Basics series.

In the first part, Basic Color Corrections, Matthew walks us through the basics while we create a sunset processed look.

Matthew’s second video looks at videoscopes, which can be rather important and useful when sending your video for broadcast.

Following a Proper Color Grading Workflow

Tutorial specialists are no strangers to multimedia courses. They have shared this useful tutorial about what is a solid color grading workflow.

Popular Color Grading Looks

We close this Intro to Color Grading in FCPX tutorial roundup with Color Grading Central’s own Denver Riddle, who has a look at what are some popular looks obtained by color grading.

Color Grading Plugins for Final Cut Pro X

Sometimes deadlines may be too tight to dedicate much time to proper color correction of available footage. Luckily there are many affordable, and great, color grading plugins for Final Cut Pro X in different styles from the usual suspects.

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