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1,000 Free Sound Effects for Christmas 2016

When editing it is always practical to have a library, and knowledge of its content, of sound effects. Since decades sound effects have been shared, back in the day on tape and later on CDs. The computer era, and subsequently the internet, have only accelerated this.

Together with editing software, both for audio and video, becoming more ubiquitous marketplaces for effects have also found broader popularity. A Sound Effect, created by Danish composer Asbjoern Andersen, is one of the larger and better curated online audio effects marketplaces. Andersen himself also curates the marketplace thus maintaining a high quality – a standard not every hive achieves.

To celebrate a successful 2016 for the site, Andersen has together with several of A Sound Effect’s professional indie contributors released a collection of 1,044 free professional sound effects for the 2016 Holiday season. The effects have been selected from collections offered on the platform. Contributors are Digital Rain Lab, Antisample, and Soundbits.

The collection of free sound effects, which clocks in at 1.3GB, can be obtained by subscribing to A Sound Effect’s newsletter1.

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  1. Of course one can easily unsubscribe afterwards – or use a better mail client which sorts the noise out, pardon the horrible pun.

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